DutZ®-Collection Vase Conic, H 23 x Ø.20 cm, pine


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DutZ®-Collection Vase Conic, H 23 x Ø.20 cm, pine

Amazing accents - you will set with the beautiful glass vases Conic out of the DutZ®-Collection. Make flower arrangements perfectly to eye catchers, use them as wind lights, large or small bowls. The variety of sizes gives you all the choices. In each and every case they are timeless decoration objects, which colour your life. - Modern and exceptional products out of the noble Dutz®-collection. Inspired by the centuries-old technique of blowing glass, DutZ is working together with very experienced artisans only. The result from unique designs and special technique is the DutZ-glass-collection with its characteristic irregularities in form and colour as an evidence for this traditional art. -DutZ®-Collection Vase Conic, H 23 x Ø.20 cm, pine. - For other products from the DutZ®-collection, which you don'st find in our shop, we gladly prepare a special offer for you.

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