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Manufacturers / Brands

Find out more about the manufacturers and brands in the ProPassione home accessories online shop. Simply click on the manufacturer / brand name to select and list the related products.

In the DutZ® Vases Online shop of ProPassione you will find glass vases, glass bowls, pots, candle holders, wind lights and much more from the DutZ® Collection. Characteristic strong glass in many colors as well as in clear glass. Hand blown in modern yet timeless designs and shapes. All DutZ® vases as well as all other DutZ® glass products are hand-blown and hand-made in Europe. Based on the century-old technique of glass blowing, DutZ® develops unique glass designs together with virtuoso glass artists and creates the incomparable DutZ® glass collection. In it, all experiences and feelings are expressed, which are incorporated into all DutZ® glass articles. Only in hand-crafted goods can one feel and see this. Irregularities in form and color are unmistakable signs of this great craftsmanship. They show the unique character of this collection and make every piece unique. - For all DutZ® products, which you cannot find in our shop, you can also look directly at DutZ®: Just give us the article number (s) of DutZ®. We will then gladly provide you with an offer.

Henry Dean
In the Henry Dean Onlineshop of ProPassione you will find the world-famous, mouth-blown glass objects of the manufactory Henry Dean. Henry Dean vases, Henry Dean glass dishes, Henry Dean wind lights and candles as well as floor vases and pots made of glass, just to name a few. Characteristic of all Henry Dean glass objects are the irregularities, blisters and streaks that can be discovered. They are unmistakable signs of the art of mouth blowing. They make the character of each object and create its own unique appearance. The coloring of glass and the experimentation with different techniques are Henry Dean's great fascination and lead to incomparable and extraordinary glass objects. - All items of Henry Dean can be ordered from us, even if you cannot find them in our online shop, just ask us for an individual quotation.

The traditional original cutlery, handmade and individually crafted in France. Characterized by its typical curved handles and decorated with the bee, as a typical Laguiole design element. Here you will find magnificent Laguiole steak knives, complete Laguiole tableware and everything needed at the table and in the kitchen with cutlery, such as the original Laguiole cutlery, Laguiole carving cutlery, Laguiole cheese cutlery, Laguiole cheese cutter, Laguiole Butter knives, Laguiole oyster knives and more. Everything from traditional, French Laguiole manufacturers, such as the manufactory Claude Dozorme founded in 1902. Here, products are manufactured, which meet the requirements of the present and nevertheless show the close relation to the tradition.

The modern, French cutlery with great tradition. Characterized by its elegant, slightly curved handles. Handmade in French manufactories in the Thiers region in the heart of Auvergne. Here you will find the complete range of cutlery for the table and kitchen, from Thiers-Steak Knives over Thiers Carving Sets, Thiers Serving Sets, Thiers Cheese Knives and Sets and much more. Noble, handmade and prestigious French cutlery.

Edzard Silber
In the Edzard-Silverware-online shop of ProPassione you will find the high-quality silver products of Edzard. The unique brilliance of silver fascinates every generation and confirms its high value as a tradition. Edzard is one of the most traditional companies in the world. The history and tradition of this company date back to the year 1699. Since then, Edzard has been one of the best known companies in the silver trade. The Edzard product range offers everything that is used in the home, at the table, in the kitchen and bar on silver items, such as silverware, silver candlesticks, silver bowls, silver picture frames, silver champagne coolers and much more. In the meantime Edzard offers many products also in different designs. There are lots of articles from silver solid silver plated to polished stainless steel. The Edzard silverware collection is currently one of Europe's largest collections. - All Edzard items you cannot find in our online shop, we can offer. Just ask us for an individual quotation.

Authentic Models
In the Authentic Models collection, you will find magnificent pieces of furniture, artefacts and many accessories for decoration in antique design. All are inspired by the age of discoveries, maritime history, cartography and much more. All furniture, lighting, artefacts and replicas are handmade by highly talented craftsmen with the best skills. Authentic-Models offer an individual, classic as well as contemporary selection with lasting value. Design, functionality and the unique presentation are the declared goals of Authentic-Models. - The originality and timelessness of the products are immanent. - For all Authentic-Models products, you cannot find in our shop, we will gladly provide you with an individual quotation.

Eichholtz Decorations
With the products of Eichholtz Decorations, the ProPassione home accessories online shop offers a wide range of high-quality furniture, lamps and decorative accessories. The special thing about this is their manual production with traditional craftsmanship. Eichholtz finds this craftsmanship, almost extinct in Europe, in the Asian region. Inspired by many sources all over the world, like museums, antique auctions and antique dealers, these craftsmanship flows into the products of Eichholtz. Today, Eichholtz presents a wide range of impressions and ideas, combined in a typical and unique collection. - All Eichholtz items you cannot find in our online shop, we can offer. Look also at Eichholtz directly and just ask us for an individual offer.

Here you will find the premium cookware of the Italian quality brand Ruffoni. The Ruffoni manufactory offers world famous kitchen products and utensils. The greatest passion is the production of high-quality and noble copperware, but also top-class stainless steel dishes for all types of cookers can be found at Ruffoni. Ruffoni offers cooking utensils with hand-hammered surfaces, pots and pans with polished lids, ideal for the representative serving at the table. Pot and pan handles in beautiful, sweeping shapes, made of solid, silver-plated brass. All handles are hand riveted and ruffled with the Ruffoni logo. For perfect authenticity the pots are engraved with Ruffoni logo and serial number. However, the ultimate goal is to achieve the highest quality standards. The philosophy of Ruffoni is to offer professional and easy-to-use products that are easy to handle. As for cooking itself, the use of the best materials and manufacturing methods is also fundamental for Ruffoni for the production of kitchen and baking utensils. - For all Ruffoni products, which you cannot find in our shop, we will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation.

de Buyer
Since 1830, the traditional French company de Buyer has been creating and selling high-quality kitchen and baking utensils in their own factory for professional use. The cookware from de Buyer is one of the world’s best. No matter whether you use copper dishes, stainless steel dishes or cast iron dishes. de Buyer does not leave anything untried to preserve their success, tradition and charm, and, of course, above all, to fulfill customer expectations worldwide. De Buyer now offers more than 3,000 stainless steel kitchenware, copper, cast iron and aluminum, as well as baking utensils and much more. De Buyer continues its efforts on the basis of its experience to ensure the highest quality and innovation in the area of kitchen equipment for professionals and gourmet consumers. - For all de Buyer products, which you cannot find in our shop, we will gladly provide you with an individual quotation.

Abyss & Habidecor
Abyss & Habidecor offer bath textiles as well as home textiles. The family business has now achieved a worldwide reputation in the area of premium cotton textiles, linen textiles, and silk textiles. The finest cotton terry towels, carpets and bathrobes, bed linen and table linen belong to the premium Abyss & Habidecor product range. By selecting the best and highest quality raw materials of cotton, linen and silk, Abyss & Habidecor guarantee the highest quality of its end products, as well as by the most modern manufacturing methods and weaving techniques. The incredibly large color palette of 60 different colors is not only incomparable, but offers countless choices for every interior. Abyss & Habidecor products are a synonym for luxury and quality. - All Abyss & Habidecor items you cannot find in our online shop, we can offer. Look also at Abyss & Habidecor and just ask us for an individual quotation.

Sagaform offer exciting, innovative accessories for table and kitchen in an excellent Scandinavian design. Utensils for indoor and outdoor use. Gifts for friends, for family or even simply to spoil yourself. Sagaform works with Sweden's best designers to create exceptional lifestyle accessories for the table, kitchen, home and garden. The great worldwide success of Sagaform products confirms this concept. - For all Sagaform products, which you cannot find in our shop, simply ask us for an individual quotation.

Virginia Casa
Virginia Casa offers artistic, handmade and creative ceramics in styles ranging from classic playful to clear and modern. The 40-year-old Tuscan manufactory impresses with extraordinary designs. The unique character of each individual piece gives the character of a unique piece. The production close to Florence reflects the typical flair of Tuscany and makes the way of life and the subtle sense of colors and shapes in this ceramics unparalleled. Ceramic living accessories and ceramic tableware by Virginia Casa can only be found in the selected retail and ProPassione home accessories online shop. - For all Virginia Casa items you cannot find in our online shop, just ask us for an individual quotation.

Here you will find the ProPassione private label products, which ProPassione makes or selects and offers under their own name. ProPassione offers products for those, who enjoy the pleasures of life, who are active, enterprising and sociable, and who have an unmistakable eye for something special. People with a sense of carefully selected, personal accessories and exclusive decoration in house and garden. People who live and enjoy "Passion".

Legnoart, founded in 1946, stands for one of the most important companies in the field of design products for home, kitchen and wine cellar. Legnoart design creations are regarded as true "design objects" and reflect the elegant and fascinating Italian style and way of life. Legnoart products have character, individuality and an identity that impresses those who appreciate quality, elegance and uniqueness. - For all Legnoart products, which you cannot find in our shop, we will gladly provide you with an individual quotation.

Jean Déglon, who was founded in Thiers in 1921, specialized in the production of professional knives from the beginning, but now also offers exquisite knives of the same high standard for the private sector. An extraordinary combination of tradition and quality. The Déglon assortment features highly design-oriented and innovative steak knives and kitchen knives, which enjoy the highest reputation not only at internationally recognized kitchen chefs. The more Déglon is entering the private sector, the more Déglon is establishing itself with the same success. - For all Déglon products, which you can not find in our shop, we will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation.

Del Ben
Del Ben inspires its exquisite buyer circle with handmade Italian cutlery and kitchen accessories of the highest quality combined with excellent Italian design. Del Ben's maxim: "We bring the elegance of the Italian lifestyle into the kitchen." The power of Del Ben knives lies in the special hand forging technology in the temperature range of approx. 950 ° C. In connection with perfect processing, cutting utensils of the highest quality and timeless elegance arise. - For all Del Ben products, which you cannot find in our shop, simply ask us for an individual quotation.

8 seasons design
Decorative and high-quality design light objects are created and offered by 8 seasons design. 8 seasons design is one of the leading experts in this field. Modern and innovative forms as well as excellent processing make the luminaires eye catchers for residential areas, gardens, terraces or around the pool. All luminaires of 8 seasons design can also be placed outdoors all year round thanks to their robust and weather-resistant material. 8 seasons design produces its products in Germany in order to ensure a safe quality control. With the products of 8 seasons design you always make an excellent choice. - For all 8 seasons design products, which you cannot find in our shop, just ask us for an individual quotation.

Fleur Ami
The traditional company Fleur Ami, founded in 1901, now offers an exceptionally wide assortment for the decoration of house, garden and objects. Fleur Ami products are also increasingly used for the decoration and design of events and shop windows. The product range includes a huge selection of planters, vases, bowls, cache pots, platforms, flower columns and brackets for interior and exterior as well as selected furnishings and furniture. High-quality artificial plants and artificial flowers as well as decorative items and useful accessories complete the offer. Fleur Ami attaches great importance to distinctive design and high quality. Many products are developed by themselves and made exclusively from Fleur Ami from a wide range of materials by specialized partners. Fleur Ami's worldwide reputation for the successful concept is confirmed. - For all Fleur Ami products, which you cannot find in our shop, just ask us for an individual quotation.

The company XOdsgn specializes in traditional, hand-blown glass. They favor contemporary colors, shapes and designs. Glass vases and all glass objects are produced exclusively in small factories specialized in small editions for international artists and designers. Details are therefore characteristic of the different collections. The XOdsgn (extraordinary design) label stands for extraordinary and modern design objects made of glass. Top design of the highest quality.

SCANPAN produces uncompromising kitchenware for modern kitchens. In addition to the popular non-stick products, SCANPAN’s range also includes refined design series and professional series in stainless steel and copper, special products for daily cooking and professional kitchen knives and accessories. To ensure highest quality, user-friendliness and aesthetics, they continuously develop their concepts with partners and professional chefs. SCANPAN exports to more than 50 countries.