Henry Dean


In its 30 year existence the Henry Dean Company has become a real family business well known all over the world. Their passion is their great love of glass. Each Henry Dean object is created out of mouth blown and handmade glass. In Henry Dean’s philosophy glass is a real product of nature with a very long history and it is a material that will stay, regardless of the constant development of new materials. It is created out of nature’s fundamental elements: earth, water, air and fire. The basic part of glass is sand, combined with a mixture of soda, lime and some ingredients for coloring. At its melting point of 1500° C glass looks like a red, glowing mass, reminding of lava. That’s when the master glass blower gives the object its intended shape and color supported by a hand carved wooden mold. The use of this wooden mold is a very ancient technique to create glass objects and has to be performed by the skillful hands of real artisans. Each time a mold is used; it burns out a little bit and gives each object a different, handmade character. The imperfections and bubbles you may encounter in a glass or vase are a result of the artisan work. They are a part of each object and create its own unique appearance. Applying color to glass and experimenting with different techniques is Henry Dean’s main fascination and leads to incomparable and exceptional glass objects. - We can provide each Henry Dean product even if you cannot find it in our online shop; just ask us for an individual quotation.