Eichholtz Decorations


Eichholtz may appear like a company with a decades-old history. However Eichholtz was founded only fifteen years ago. Under the flag of Eichholtz Overseas Decorations, Eichholtz began importing top quality furniture, lighting and accessories. Starting with Indonesia, the field of activity expanded to include countries such as Burma, India, China and Thailand in order to find the expertise of craftsmanship there, which already died out in Europe. In Asia there are still craftsmen who are able to cast copper, cut wood, blow glass and weave reed in traditional manner and it is those artisan qualities that Eichholtz is still or again able to present in the manufacture of quality products. Inspired by various of sources around the world, museums, antique auctions and antique dealers a variety of impressions and ideas is created in a single collection - the typical and unique Eichholtz Collection. Eichholtz’s reputation has grown internationally and subsequently, the Eichholtz Collection is now available for a distinguished clientele throughout the world. - We also can provide Eichholtz products you cannot find in our online shop, see also Eichholtz and ask us for an individual quotation.