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Walking Stick Captain?s Cane, dismountable, with secret vial and compass, l 92 cm

Product.Nr.: 106699

Manufacturer: ProPassione

EUR 89,90
incl. 19 % VAT

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Finanzierung verfügbar ab 99€ bis 5000€

product description

Small and dismountable this captain´ walking stick helps you find the way home, when needed. - Elegant and unbelievable practical. - The original of this walking stick was whilom manufactured for Prince Edward. His umbrella and walking stick manufacturer worked in a little secret vial, so that Queen Victoria, Edward´ mother, wouldn?t notice his stealthily sips. By turning off the cap of the knob, you will find the additional compass for the way home. - Walking Stick Captain´ Cane, dismountable, with secret vial and compass, l 92 cm.